Hapū Registration

It is time for us to unite

Our Treaty Claims

We need the support of you and your whānau, to help assert Tinorangatiratanga in the face of the Crown

We are working towards progressing our Treaty of Waitangi Claims with the Crown, and we cannot do it without your support. 

Registering your whānau with Ngati Kuta will show that we are a cohesive collective who are willing to stand united on issues that matter most.

Registration Guidelines

Each person will need to register individually - The registration form only allows for one registration at a time. You will need to manually enter your personal details into the form. Please register your pēpi or tamariki too.!

Whakapapa - If you do not know your tūpuna from Ngati Kuta, please put a grandparent that you know who descends from Ngati Kuta. This will allow us to verify that you are of Ngati Kuta descent. 

Wider Whānau Registrations - If you have been nominated to enter the details of your other/extended family members (maybe because they do not have access to the internet), you must ensure that you have gained their consent for their information to be used for mandating purposes. This is to ensure that they have understood what their details may be used for. You will see this on the registration form.

Register Your Whānau

Required Information


Optional Information


Your Declaration



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